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  • You might want to visit the homepage of the Freiburger Kammerchor, a choir in Freiburg/Germany
  • As you might know Saab is on the edge of closing down. It means the end of the Saab Aero-era so please visit the site rescue-saab.com and sign up for membership (it's free). At least have a look at that site.
  • If you like mathematics, go to the Plus Magazine
  • If you like mathematics but prefer diagrams to colored pictures, have a look at This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics by John Baez
  • If you like colored pictures but would postpone the mathematics to some other day, enjoy the Astronomy Picture of the Day
  • If you like physics and also Danish then have a look at the current issue of Gamma Γ
  • If you like to meditate in front of certain periodic solutions of n body problems...
  • If you like pictures and music, then go to the pages of the Wildensteiner Singkreis (in German)
  • If you like the combination of music and wine (which gives culture), then VinoCult might be something for you
  • If you cannot decide what you like and what you don't but don't want to chill out anyway, then make a donation by visiting The Hunger Site
  • If you are curious what I would choose instead, have a look at my bookmarks
  • If you forgot why you came here in the first place, try this.

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